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    Customer unconditional support

    We are flexible on lead time, our standard lead time for whole PCBA (pcb +smt+BOM exclude some P/N may takes 6-14 weeks ) is 2-3 weeks, but if product was in a big hurry, we can finish in 2 weeks, if all component have stock , we can finish in 2 days when all BOM material is ready .

    Small Businesses Feel Global Capability

    We are flexible on order quantity , no matter small quantity or big volume, all is welcome to us, we would like to see so many product from prototype stage go to market in volume size .

    High-value technical expertise

    We are flexible on what we can supply, customer can only purchase component or only pcb or only smt from us, all depend on customer's real requirement .


    Established in 2013, Amber specializes in high-speed turn-key PCB services: PCB design, Fabrication, PCBA, and Supply Chain Service. Our network of offices in the China shenzhen, UK Manchester, Canada, Indida...

     We started our PCB fabrication business in 2010 and currently have factory located in Shenzhen, capable of providing 2-64 layers of  PCB fabrication for both prototype and mass production.

     In 2013, the PCBA factory we work together was the first quick turn SMT factory in China. We now have 30 SMT lines in Shenzhen with Fuji machines, AOI, SPI, X-RAY, and BGA rework facilities. Additionally, we have testing and box building & certification services to make up the complete production process.
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