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    PCB Layout
    Our dedicated team provides high quality PCB design service for more than 5,00 customers, such as Intel, Cisco, Huawei, Freescale, TI, Lenovo, etc. in the past 10 years. We have 600+ PCB designers available in Shenzhen, india, Canada, Manchester,   doing PCB layout for customers from all over the world. We constantly strive to further our technological capabilities, and are now working on DDR4 and 25Gbps+ backplane signal design and simulation. 

    Ⅰ. Advantages 

       1. Experienced experts providing high quality work
        2. Large team with excellent customer service
        3. Independently developed software to enhance design efficiency
        4. Keep up-to-date with technology  
    Ⅱ. PCB Layout Business Model
       1. PCB Design Total Solution: PCB footprint creation, Netlist import, Placement, Routing, QA & Review,DFM checking, Gerber out 
        2. On-site Service: work together with your engineers in your office
        3. Consulting and Training: provide consulting and training services of PCB design 

    Physical Parameters  Involved Chipset Scheme  
    Highest layers::42 Layers
     Maximum PIN count:69000+
     Maximum connections:55000+
     Minimum line width:2.4mil
     Minimum line spacing:2.4mil
     Minimum via:6mil(4mil laser hole) 
     Maximum BGA in a single PCB:62
     Maximum BGA PIN spacing:0.4mm
     Maximum BGA PIN count:2597
     Highest speed signal:10G CML  Network processor series:IXP2400 IXP2804 IXP2850…
    Intel Sandy Bridge series:Intel Core i7 Extreme Core i5…
    Intel XEON server series:Xeon? E7 Family? 5000 Sequence… 
    Marvell series:MX630 FX930 FX950…
    Broadcom Sonet/SDH series:BCM8228 BCM8105 BCM8129…
    Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet switch series:BCM5696 BCM56601 BCM56800… 
    QUALCOMM/Spreadtrum/MTK platform:QSC60xx SC88xx SC68xx Mt622x… 
    Freescale PowerPC series:MPC8541 MPC8548 MPC8555 MPC8641…
    FPGA DSP series of chips:Virtex-7 Spartan-6 TMS320C5X…  
    Backplane, High-Speed PCB design, A/D PCB design, HDI/ALIVH/Buried resister/Buried capacitance, Flex PCB/Rigid-Flex Board, ATE  
      High Speed and High density PCB Design for IT Communication, Computer, Medical, Digital and consumer


    Notebook mainboard

    【Type】:   NotebookTypical notebook mainboard  
    【Difficulty】:   Ⅰ.This product adopts an Intel Centrino chip;
    Ⅱ.The North Bridge and the CPU are not in the same side;
    Ⅲ.Features: cross connection of 800MHz FSB bus, 6-layer board, and small routing layers.
    Ⅳ.It is required to have less routing on the surface layer as this board will be provided to the third party as a reference board and the board should be designed strictly according to the "Yellow Book"
    Ⅴ.The coverage rate of ICT should reach 95% (including the single-point network)
    【Countermeasure】:   Ⅰ.Thorough research on the characteristics of pin definitions, comprehensive planning;
    Ⅱ.Properly would lines inside the North Bridge and the CPU;
    Ⅲ.Fully understanding of the key degree of signals, treated them respectively, and distributed important signals in priority routing layers:
    Ⅳ.Upon placement, we considered ICT requirements, and left necessary space for ICT. Multi-person concurrent design assured the board design progress;

    The first version of the demo board was debugged successfully, so it was very smooth to conduct software debugging.

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