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    Amber's profession on schematic design not only based on designer's knowledge, we have steps checkout through out the whole design.

    1.  Under help of our sales leader who is grauated from engineering hence fully understand customer's requirement on product then get full data such as circuit function module and specificaiton requirement .

    2.  Confirm the core CPU: According to the function and performance requirement, we will carefully select CPU based on below some factors 
         . cost & lead time
         . easy to develop and  help from chip factory or agent
         . Good scalability

    3. Based on the selected CPU chips, we usually choose a successful reference design which is close to our needs. Generally, CPU manufacturers or their partners will verify several development boards for each CPU chip. Although the public reference design drawings are not at product-level, but the pin connection of CPU itself is absolutely worthy of our trust. Of course, if there are multiple reference designs with different pin connection modes, you can read CPU chip manuals and error sheets carefully, or check with the manufacturer for confirmation.

    In addition, before the design, it is better for us to borrow or buy a selected reference board for software verification. If there is no problem, the hardware reference design can also be trusted. But it should be noted that many CPUs now have several start-up modes. We need to choose the most suitable start-up mode or make compatible design.

    4. Select Peripheral Component

    5. Design the circuit

    6. Design check list & review

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